sea_of_flame (sea_of_flame) wrote in legacy_london,

Game on!

Hi guys,

Yes, Legacy will be on this Saturday, from 1, at mine. (Colin, I'll mail you separately about pre-game chat)

Sorry for the radio silence - I've been busy with accountancy exams & Mads has been recovering from eye ops.

Good news is that now my exams are over (well, at least until the evening classes re-start in the autumn), I'm a bit more free to arrange between game meet-ups over the next few months to catch up with individual bits of plot, and to spend some time going through some of the practical admin, like character sheet overhauls.

Please let us know whether you're going to be coming or not, so we can Plot appropriately (I know Alex & Liz are unavailable, ditto Claire) - downtimes if you're so inclined to

Usual rules - bring your own drink & any snacks. If I'm organised I may attempt to cook something, since I for one need to eat more when gaming - do folks have any dietary limitations?


(Yell if you need the directions again - I figure I've put them up often enough that people know where they're going!)
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