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Briefing document for Albions Hearth.

[OOC – no this isn't being mailed in game, it is a purely verbal matter and in enclosed locales so don't have a hissy fit over the use of terms. I'll be typing it up as I drive so I have a set of cue cards for want of a better term when I get to chat to you lot.]

Okay guys and gals I'm tapping this out whilst trying not to crash on the great car park round London so don't get all pithy over spelling and grammar. Mainly because I really don't care and more importantly I'm sure as hell not going to proof read whilst dodging speed cameras. Anyway to get you all up to speed, you may want to consider the following actions and repercussions of the past 24 or so hours.

The all hallows eve went past with little in the way of further problems. Herne and his hunt came for tea and biscuits or similar, thankfully not too many cups got smashed. That said as sunset was turning up for a second time a Stag spirit came South with the news from the North. Alexander, our newest Taliesin had gone missing. All considered 2 days on the job and then awol ain't going to look great on the CV but as they say in corporate speak and similar nonsense “lets look outside the box and run something up the flagpole”, no I don't get it either unless of course it's a box with flags in. Anyhow, the Theurges did their best for the Stag spirit, I made some calls and confirmed the news wasn't just ours and all in all we waited for some guidance from the great and the good of the country.

Meanwhile, and there is a syntactic problem about to occur, mainly because I'm writing now and can't remember all the details. During the evening several of us got badgered by “portentious” moments. Personally considering how remarkably risible my moment was I'd prefer to describe it as piffle, however later and wiser heads came to the decision that they were indeed portentious and definitely a local issue from around 400 years past. That being the case and of course concern over Taliesin we dropped this for later as word reached us that a recon force was heading to the northernmost caern to look into our missing Alexander. Things get a bit confused here - certainly for me as I was trying to do several things all at the same time. Anyway myself and Shades got images from the North - via Weasel link which were not encouraging - shortly after confirmation that people had headed North to look into things. Shades and Asparagus boy headed towards Oxford whilst I awaited on the Beta's decision to let me leave the caern. This was given and the three of us arrived at the muster point in Oxford. News was sketchy and in some ways we had the most direct and accurate information to hand.

It appears, and this is after having put pieces together afterwards that a link was made between York and Glen Grineal, the recon mob went through and did a quick investigation. They returned and a decision was made to quest for Alexander via a dream gift. It would appear that shortly after the bridge opened a vast assault on Glen Grineal occurred. This was painfully and unfortunately coincidental with the dream questing which had dropped several packs into a deep slumber – no I really don't understand that bit, go ask a Theurge. The end result being that we mustered to York and briefed the Jarl/ Dux/ Warlord/ Braetwalda (take your pick of title) along with the other national luminaries. A decision was made and a second bridge to Glen Grineal not chosen as a form of response. Instead the new Don laid on a flying machine and people made journey North in such a beast. En route some bits and pieces got assembled and it was suggested that Spinning Jenny (she of the Birmingham caern infamy) may well be involved. Either way the end result was fairly predictable. A recon section which involved the likes of myself went ahead and prepared the way. The assault was confirmed as BSD and they were busy mutilating those left on the ground and the caern itself. What paltry sentries they had prepared were noted and past back via Ragabash methods. The assualt was led by the Jarl and none embarrassed themselves. Spinning Jenny and the rest were slaughtered barring one former Bonegnawer who was taken by Shades for later questioning. Those on overwatch followed as two BSD made a breakaway and tracked them back to Spinning Jenny's farmhouse, were several vehicles were parked up. The vehicles were immobilised using Ragabash methods. Whilst one BSD was licking his wounds the second went to make a phone call, it was not successful. Of the two one was put to the claw by the Denmaster of York the other subdued for later conversation with the Galliards and others.

The caern was closed down and evidence removed. Pack business was dealt with and all kinfolk located and removed safely Southwards. Details of these matters are less urgent.

Of note to Albions Hearth and not mentioned but of value for consideration.

The method for pulling a Thunder Wyrm through the Umbra without drawing any notice has been discerned I'll chat to any whom want to know on this one.

Albions Gate should be left the hell alone – others are intending on snap inspection and we are instructed to keep our muzzles out.

We have a 400 year old problem so someone with time should go over the Magna Farma stuff locally.

Our bigger problem (20/ 50 year cycles) is becoming more apparent – I get the feeling we are now seeing the first manifestations of something 20 years ago.

I am becoming more convinced that there is a traitor within the Nation of significant position/ skill – kindly keep quiet on this one, when I am sure I'll bellow scandal and rip someones throat if needs be. Wow, I think I need to lay off the red meat after reading that last sentence either that or my inner Ahroun is coming out.

Those with computer literacy and a penchant for abusing privacy I have several leads that need to be traced down fast – looking at Hannah at this moment in time

The Weasel spirit is not feeling great so if you aren't of the pack please let her be for a while.

Anyone who can talk to tree spirits once more I have some stuff which could be traced so that we can cover the angles.

Bucks the Trend is our latest Cliath addition to the caern, formerly known as Asparagus boy he was ritually anointed with green vegetables and accepted into the Nation.

The Pixie folk are very real and seem to be just one of our many problems.

Oh and get ready for a movement in the East I think a new front will be opened there in the near future.

Otherwise TTFN I've just seen my junction.
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(OOC - Also not typed, verbal reply :) )
Can talk to the trees and translate for you, just let me know when. Would be interestd in the information on the Thunderwyrm and can also study the magna farma as I've been looking into the history lately anyway.
[OOC verbal response]

Some of the foliage in the great park hopefully will have memories of a year of so ago this added with some cunning tracking *might* put the lid on one of several cans of worms we appear to have.

This is intimately linked to "stealth" Thunder wyrms.

As for local history it's a bit convoluted and involves the images of "portent" previously mentioned. We're looking into Garou/ human history c. 400 years past in and around the area. I could be wrong on the details but that was certainly the impression I got.