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December Legacy game - PLEASE READ

Hi guys,

Legacy will be this Saturday (8th December), round at mine from 1pm as usual. We're having an ST meet this week rather than pre-game, so that should actually be a more realistic time for once ;)

As some of you may know, with the Oxford-London drive & her number of other commitments, Sarah's decided to step back from STing the game, so it's just Mads & I from now on - Sarah, thanks for all you've done, it's been great having you on board & we're sorry to lose you...maybe we'll be able to lure you back for occasional NPCing in the future? Sarah's given us a writeup of plots she was running, so we should be able to pick up from where she left off - but please feel free to drop us a summary of what you/your character thinks was going on in these if you like, since if there's any confusion I'd like to be sure it's down to a difference in IC perceptions, rather than continue to bug her with ST queries after this month!

Mads & I will be having an ST meet on Thursday night - so please make sure you have downtimes to us by Wednesday evening - that's to legacyDOTstsATgmailDOTcom . I /may/ be able to pick up late entries from work on Thursday, but I can't guarantee it. We're going to be doing an overhaul of character sheets & renown as part of that.

So, what we need from you in downtime is:

- What you've been trying to get up to since last game.
- A copy of your latest character sheet (if you've lost it, let us know)
- A quick summary of what you think are the particularly fabulous (and infamous) things you've been up to in the service of Gaia since you got to Albion's Hearth. If I remind you that Garou think in terms of Wisdom, Glory & Honour, that should give you a starting point to consider your actions. Ragabashes: alone of all the auspices, the previous renown you could have gained at lower ranks can be any combo of the above - so if it's not already on your sheet, can you have a think about how your character's pre-game actions would have been viewed, in those terms?

Lastly, a reminder of Mama Rat's message from last game (assuming that those at the hospital passed it on to everyone else?), for people to have a think about:

This is a warning
So heed it well
The dark mirror spawning
The city's death knell

The rat is poisoned
Its fleas are too
Don't open the gate
To lead them to you.

Unless anyone requests otherwise, the next game will be happening at the start of October IC - so that's about a fortnight after the previous game in terms of time for your downtime, will be a Waning Half (Philodox) moon, and be about a week after the autumn equinox - so Kara Sees-Beyond Mists will be leading the rite to renew the moonbridge over to Albion's Gate during downtime. As discussed at the time, she was probably going to have to call in another experienced theurge to help with the rite at Albion's Gate, since their ritemistress Puzzlegazer was only a cliath herself.
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