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Werewolf: The Post-Apocalypse

Commuters throng the city streets, going to work. Banners advertising the 2012 Olympics and a Bright New Future hang from lamp posts. The Thames shines silver as a mirror beneath the morning sun.

The Thames is grey as iron beneath a moonless sky. Here and there are dead and dying trees; even those that still cling to life are withered and unhealthy. Everywhere there are webs, some bright and shining silver, some tarnished beneath the faint starlight.

Despite all appearances, this is a world that is dying. Every year more of its defenders are lost. Every year fewer are born to replace them. They're beaten. But they're not extinct. Yet.

Legacy is a live-action Werewolf:The Apocalypse roleplaying game, run in London by madwitch and sea_of_flame, from May 2007, on the 2nd Saturday on the month..

Please contact the STs on legacyDOTstsATgmailDOTcom

NB: The STs often fail to notice the time of day, and end up posting at 5.30pm as everyone's leaving the office - if you don't think you're seeing posts, it could be the posts are hiding further back in your friends page than you thought - sorry!

Index (will be updated as new posts are added)

- Introduction
- Game announcements: No formal September game. Please request mingames/give feedback to date here
- Game Announcements: Game4: Sat 11th August @ sea_of_flame's place, 1pm onwards. [IC ~16th June] - Directions here (locked post)!
- Game Announcements: Game3: Sat 14th July 2007 @ The Old Kings Head, 1pm-8pm [IC 2nd June]
- Game Announcements: Game2: Sat 9th June 2007 @ The Old Kings Head, 1pm-7pm [IC 21st May]
- Game Announcements: Game1: Sat 12th May 2007 @ The Old King's Head 2pm-10pm [IC 12th May]

- Game organisation: Yahoogroup list info
- Downtime guidelines
- IC events: 8th May 07, up at Glenn Grinneal
- IC events: 8th May 07, up at Eborakon
- IC events: 8th May 07, at Le Soleil Inconquis & beyond...
- IC events: 9th May 07, in Windsor Great Park
- IC events: ~18th May 07: Warlord Challenge @ Avebury
- IC events: 22nd May-1st June 07: Death of Jenny Woods - BBC news reports
- Help: Any questions
- Help: Character concept guidelines
- Help: Glossary1 - Tribes, Auspices, Breeds, The Ranks, Garou suffixes, The Naming of Garou
- Help: Table of auspice dates 1950-2060
- Help/Info: The Tribes1 - Black Furies, Bonegnawers, Children of Gaia
- Help/Info: The Tribes2 - Fianna, Get of Fenris, Glasswalkers
- Still to be written up: Help/Info: The Tribes3 - Shadowlords, Silent Striders, Silver Fangs
- Still to be written up: Help/Info: The Tribes4 - Red Talons, Stargazers, Uktena, Wendigo (foreign tribes gnerally unavailable for play)
- Help: How Scandal-calling works
- Info: Caerns of Albion - quick summary
- Info: Caern locations (map)
-- Info: Living Caerns:
--- Ynys Môn (Anglesey)
--- Glen Grinneal (Perthshire)
--- Eborakon (York)
--- Le Soleil Inconquis (Oxford)
--- The Forgotten Stones (Avebury)
--- Peddar's Rest (Thetford)
--- The Wet Stonewild (Bodmin)
--- Albion's Gate (Basildon)
--- Albion's Hearth (Bracknell)
-- Info: Dead Caerns:
--- Heart's Ease (Birmingham)
--- Alba's Pride (Elgin)
--- The Southern Eye (Andover)
--- Giants' Shoulders (Cambridge)
- History: The Catechism (a teaching-song version of the creation)
- History: The Magna Fama (lit. 'The Great Scandal', 1665)
- History: The Unlikely Twin Caerns of London, 1665-6
- History: The Tale of Martin Benham, Shreds The Darkness Usunder, Ill Ender, Ahroun, Adren, Silver Fang, son of Long Arm of the Law. ~1980s
- Bonus points: Explain the Tracks Through The Trash/Willow connection

Current sept structure:

Alpha: Rides the Lightning, Homid Cliath Shadowlord Ragabash.
Ritemaster: Seeks the Balance, Metis Fostern Child of Gaia Theurge
Master of the Challenge: Sees No Shades, Lupus Fostern Get of Fenris Philodox.
Caern Warder: isalani's character
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