sea_of_flame (sea_of_flame) wrote in legacy_london,

August game tomorrow!

Hi guys,

As I said in a bout of organisation last month, August game would be Saturday 9th.

Erm, that's tomorrow. My bad on sending out a more timely reminder ;)

So, yes, game is indeed on tomorrow - round at mine as usual, from 1pm.

Folks have asked for a 3 month DT gap to allow for long-term planning to actually come back and bite them on the arse...sorry, get results ;) That's going ahead, so while I think we know what most people had simmering in the background, but feel free to remind us either by email or in person.

We were a few days post-Halloween/fall of Glenn Grinneal IC last time, so that'll take us to the end of January.

[x-posted to email list & LJ, & will text as well....]

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