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July game - thoughts please

Hi guys,

I've just heard Nick isn't going to be able to make the game, and Mads is recovering from a broken toe, and would therefore be happier staying home.

I'm happy to run solo - but it does mean that our likely attendees are just Dave, Colin & either Liz or Alex - and that probably is hitting minimum playable numbers.

One possibility to increase numbers a bit would be to try to run somewhere baby-friendly in Lewisham/Hither Green so both Alex & Liz can come (along with the sproglet) - but I don't know whether anyone can host, and the weather's looking dicey enough that I don't think relying on a park would be possible.

Not something to worry about for this month, but it might be handy if we /could/ get another couple of players involved, because it would be nice to have a slightly larger group - with absences & people dropping out, we've gone from a good sized tabletop group to one that although it's great, is getting a bit small. Only caveat is that they're likely to have to be uninterested in whatever game Mr Walker might be running - we already kick him out of the house to run werewolf, we probably shouldn't poach his players as well :)

So, could you get back to me to let me know:

1/ Whether you can make it on Saturday.
2/ Any suggestions/feelings on the possibility of running over in Hither Green (that includes preferences as to presences of small humans if it's an issue - thgere's no point bending over backwards to get two ploayers instead of one if it's going to lose us other people!)
3/ Any suggestions about new players who might be interested.

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