sea_of_flame (sea_of_flame) wrote in legacy_london,

March game, this Saturday!

As usual, we'll be running Legacy at my house (Westcombe Park) from 1pm.

Yell if you need directions, I've put them out here in the past so hopefully folks know where they're going :)

If we could start promptly, that would be great - one of my fellow Pisceans has a party in the evening, so I'd like to pootle over when we finish. The invite has kindly been extended to any of the other Legacy players who feel like coming along, I'd just rather not shove someone else's details up on a public post!

IC, it's going to be the end of October.
The Garou don't have a specific seasonal rite to mark Halloween/Samhain (they celebrate the equinoxes and solstices), but strange things do sometimes happen, so it's usually worth being alert.
It's also now approaching 6 months since he Albion's Hearth massacre/repopulation, since that was mid-May.
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The Garou don't have a specific seasonal rite to mark Halloween/Samhain

Though the Fianna do.

Rite of Samhain: The Fianna calendar day begins on this night. An uncharacteristically subdued celebration with a grand feast, music and drink, the Samhain Rite is a time for reflecting on the year just passed. Tributes are given to honor the year's fallen, whose spirits are often in attendance. Because the Gauntlet is slightly thinner on this night than on any other night of the year, it is also a night when all manner of spirits cross over. Those who take part in the Samhain ritual regain 2 points of lost Gnosis.
Very true - although I don't think our sole Fianna player is going to be able to make it to the game anyway (could be a good reason why IC he's not around, mind ;)