sea_of_flame (sea_of_flame) wrote in legacy_london,

Game on!

Hi guys,

Legacy will be on this Saturday, sorry for not putting out an announcement sooner.

In terms of IC dates, we'll just be picking up where we left off in terms of downtime returns etc (as if we hadn't skipped a game), so if you already sent us something, there's no need to send a second one - but if you haven't yet done so & want to, please do so soon, since we'll be looking over them tomorrow/Friday.

As usual, the game will be held at my place from 1pm, let me know if you need directions. Mobile is 07950 357 566 if there are any problems.

I know Dave C won't be able to make it - if other folks could let us know whether they'll be there or not, it'll help us plan plot appropirately.

(Yes, I am still suffering toothache. However, both the antibiotics & the painkillers have strict no-alcohol directives, so even if I'm not better, I'll just be full of codeine instead of booze ;)
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