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Thursday, March 6th, 2014
10:45 pm
Has someone been moving stuff?
Hey some of the dust has been disturbed...

Dave C
Tuesday, April 21st, 2009
8:19 am
Werewolf players wanted!
The moon is setting. Her final fading rays draw stark bars of shadow across familiar landmarks and pathways, transmuting them into something bleak, dark and alien. The taint, however, is not hers - she simply illuminates the hidden heart of things, stripping away the comfort of self-deception.

This is a world that has never recovered from war. Pearl Harbour, Little Boy & Fat Man. Dresden, Dachau. McCarthyism and the Berlin Wall. Reds under the bed. The Killing Fields & Tiananmen Square. The Troubles, Jihad, the War on Terror...

Individual packs & septs of the Garou, Gaia's shapeshifting wolf-warriors, continue to fight the good fight against the monsters and mayhem...but their idealized Nation is - in truth - in fragments, long divided by human lines on maps, human politics, and a generational distrust of outsiders.

In recent years, the isolation has been increased still further, with fewer than ever of the young going through First Change and joining the fight. Each group struggles to defend its own territory, losing knowledge and experience as battle takes its toll.

You and your pack are of these few. With hindsight, future Garou may well wonder at the chain of events that led the pack to leave family and friends behind, for the self-proclaimed green & sceptred isle of Britain, away to the east...

Legacy is an independently run Werewolf: The Apocalypse ("OldWOD") game, running monthly in London, usually on the second Saturday. We use MET rules, but are a tabletop-sized group. Emphasis is high on narrative, low on system - and although we largely use the OldWOD setting, metaplot & the nature of non-werewolf NPCs are determined by the STs (settings books should not be relied on for accurate IC info ;)

We are looking for 3-4 new players to join the existing game, and would like to run at least 2 character gen/prequel sessions for this new group before mixing old and new. We would like the new characters to be a pre-existing pack by the end of prequel (or at least be familiar with working together), from 'elsewhere' geographically speaking compared to the existing characters. Our initial plans are either America or Ireland for this location, but will depend on what the new players as a whole agree on. Bad accents not required ;)

Characters will be around fostern rank when they join the main game (possibly as much as ready to challenge for adren, but not yet having done so). Garou characters only - Stargazers banned. Wendigo, Uktena, Red Talons & Silent Striders restricted by character background - talk to STs.

We try to keep the game low maintenance between sessions - we do have an LJ community and yahoogroup for announcements, and STs can be contacted by email - but email scenes etc are not expected. Links to all three as follows:

LJ community: http://community.livejournal.com/legacy_london/
Yahoogroup for players: legacy_players@yahoogroups.com
ST email: legacy.sts@gmail.com

Please email legacy.sts@gmail.com if you would be interested in joining the game.
Friday, February 13th, 2009
8:29 am
Game tomorrow
Sorry, after discussing dates last month, I compltely forgot to put a reminder out!

From 1, at mine - except for colin who's coming early to be harshed :)

Please check your route - I've got a feeling the jubilee is doing the engineering works thing again...
Wednesday, January 14th, 2009
3:41 pm
More on gamedates....
Right: Just to confirm, Legacy *this* Saturday - yes, game is on, from 1 as usual at mine.

Mads - please to be brainstorming on ST mail for general & player-specific evil (Colin, what's your availability for potentially meeting up one evening to be plot-dumped? ;)
Do giggle at the very bad spam subject lines while you're there, but they look like they have evil attachments, so I wouldn't recommend actually opening!

February: Back to the usual slot, so we will be on Saturday 14th after all...
Saturday, January 10th, 2009
10:36 am
For all the howlers out there
Apparently the moon will be especially bright this evening and rather fatter than gibbous so I'm off to hide somewhere from the ensuing adrenaline poisoning.

Tuesday, January 6th, 2009
12:40 pm
GAMEDATES - please read!
Hi guys,

Due to folks having clashing commitments this month, & me having a case of the parentals next month, I'd like to shunt Legacy games by a week for both:

So, new dates will be:

Saturday 17th January
Saturday 21st February

If these are going to be a problem, please let me know - but the weekends of 10th Jan & 14th Feb are already out, and I'd rather not do a month-end-ish weekend, because I'm usually dead with work...
Thursday, November 6th, 2008
8:18 am
Legacy + fireworks
Hi folks - game will be on Saturday as usual, from 1, at mine.

There's going to be fireworks up on Blackheath in the evening, so we'll be finishing in time for that - you're more than welcome to come & join us, we'll be returning to the house for drinks afterwards...will probably b walking up & back though, since the roads get closed off and the buses don't cope.

There won't be a game in December, because I'm going to be on holiday (unless Mads fancies hosting something on her own ;) - so this will be the last game before Christmas.
Wednesday, October 8th, 2008
12:11 pm
Engineering works on Saturday
I don't know who else this might affect but the Jubilee line is closed for engineering works between Green Park and Stratford on Saturday.
Thursday, September 11th, 2008
10:27 am
September game
It's that time again, folks. What will our intrepid Garou do this time? Steal the Warlord's mead or redecorate JLA's house in a nice chintz pattern? Save the world, or just forget it was there?

This questions, and many more, will ba answered in this month's episode of Legacy. Coming to the usual place, Caroline's house, on Saturday, September 13th, from 1pm. Be aware that there is Proms watching to be done from 7.30, so we'll be finishing up before then.
Monday, August 11th, 2008
9:22 am
Are the people who aren't in a pack yet interested in trying to get one together. We've got a war pack already so I was thinking about trying to organise a more wisdom based one.

I've found a list of totems here,


admittedly several of them do not fit with the legacy setting but it's easy enough to work out which ones those are and ignore them. I quite like the sound of Merlin

Also posted on the mailing list
Friday, August 8th, 2008
4:03 pm
August game tomorrow!
Hi guys,

As I said in a bout of organisation last month, August game would be Saturday 9th.

Erm, that's tomorrow. My bad on sending out a more timely reminder ;)

So, yes, game is indeed on tomorrow - round at mine as usual, from 1pm.

Folks have asked for a 3 month DT gap to allow for long-term planning to actually come back and bite them on the arse...sorry, get results ;) That's going ahead, so while I think we know what most people had simmering in the background, but feel free to remind us either by email or in person.

We were a few days post-Halloween/fall of Glenn Grinneal IC last time, so that'll take us to the end of January.

[x-posted to email list & LJ, & will text as well....]

Thursday, July 10th, 2008
7:11 am
July game - thoughts please
Hi guys,

I've just heard Nick isn't going to be able to make the game, and Mads is recovering from a broken toe, and would therefore be happier staying home.

I'm happy to run solo - but it does mean that our likely attendees are just Dave, Colin & either Liz or Alex - and that probably is hitting minimum playable numbers.

One possibility to increase numbers a bit would be to try to run somewhere baby-friendly in Lewisham/Hither Green so both Alex & Liz can come (along with the sproglet) - but I don't know whether anyone can host, and the weather's looking dicey enough that I don't think relying on a park would be possible.

Not something to worry about for this month, but it might be handy if we /could/ get another couple of players involved, because it would be nice to have a slightly larger group - with absences & people dropping out, we've gone from a good sized tabletop group to one that although it's great, is getting a bit small. Only caveat is that they're likely to have to be uninterested in whatever game Mr Walker might be running - we already kick him out of the house to run werewolf, we probably shouldn't poach his players as well :)

So, could you get back to me to let me know:

1/ Whether you can make it on Saturday.
2/ Any suggestions/feelings on the possibility of running over in Hither Green (that includes preferences as to presences of small humans if it's an issue - thgere's no point bending over backwards to get two ploayers instead of one if it's going to lose us other people!)
3/ Any suggestions about new players who might be interested.

[cross posted to list & LJ]

Saturday, July 5th, 2008
1:30 am
Sator rotaS?
[A flavour piece of what went before and what came after, and not even close to IC - beer or fruit based drink (for the ladies) for anyone who can explain the icon and it's relevance]

So why is it that as the son of good Methodists, good people, good kin, good humans, just plain good do I feel the World has altered? There is dogma, there is doctrine, there is theory, there is assumption, there is fact and yet so very rarely is there truth. I sit now alone and for once with a truth. My pack not separate but distant. Are they kin? No they are closer than that. Do they understand the turmoil? Of course not, I refused to explain, it would have been unfair. Shades sees no shades and that is his strength and his greatest weakness, he accused me of being embarrassed of my lupine self, and was wrong. I've long since accepted that I am not Homo sapiens, the question is am I Homo lupus or should that be Lupus sapiens? I can never be embarrassed of my wolf-like, sorry in my case most certainly canine-like form. I will never be that which bounds majestically to the defence of some damsel in distress, I am too far from the original. Too poor a copy, but that is the point. I am more Man than Garou, but not Man enough to be Garou. I'm not embarrassed about my forms, I'm not embarrassed about my homid self. I'm not embarrassed, I'm disappointed. Not in the gift, not in the form, just in myself. Disappointed because I am not good enough, not capable enough, not what I should be.

As for Rides, he must be protected he is the better man, he is the Alpha he is that which binds and must not be broken. Perhaps he would be strong enough to hold these things, perhaps not. He loses little should I become unbound, and gains the knowledge of a poisoned chalice. I may do him the disservice, I may not honour him as Alpha in this, but then he saw through my tricks and let it stand. Perhaps he has already gazed and seen his reflection and knows it for what it is, a reflection. For me though, can I take the risk? The chance of placing others in harms way. I almost took Tristam, no that is a lie I could have taken Tristam and that was the point of terror.

So I come back as one should always do to the beginning, so I have Paul and his letters to the Corinthians. Corinthians I should be a primer for all Garou, not because it is Christian and I come from such stock. Not because it could get our more lupine/ wyld/ psychotic/ naturalistic brethren to grasp what the rest of us grabbed as separate and individual truths and held in our own ways to ourselves. Simply it should be used because it is such a well written parable on gifts and their uses and their origins and a people and why.

So now I sit and look into a glass darkly, now I sit and bleed and wait to find my answer. I was once an Ahroun and now I am Ragabash and that is the truth. Am I ashamed? Am I terrified? Am I not what I was? No. Yes. Yes.

So Paul of Tarsus I come to you now as I ebb quietly into a cup to find what I was, because in so doing perhaps I can find what I am and what I could be. Perhaps with this I could know what was and what might be. Is the future written in stone? If so then call me a heretic, give me petrol bombs and let me burn your temples to the ground. I will not acquiesce to such as predestination even though those that would espouse it would say that my actions are preordained. Damn them all, damn those that deny choice. Choice is what we are, choice is a decision, decision is self-determination. And without that we are puppets and this marionette will sever the strings rather than dance.

I bleed and I watch and I wait to find an answer, and then once I know what I was, perhaps I can know what I am and then I will find what was. And then, then, then. Then the fight will be mine and I will bring down red ruin on those that killed my brother in the North. I will bring light to to the darkness in the East and I will make the Spirits see what has been hidden for far too long. At the last I will be Howls, but who was he?

1 Corinthians:13;12 – For now we see through a glass, darkly, but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.
Thursday, June 12th, 2008
7:52 am
Game on!
Hi guys,

Yes, Legacy will be on this Saturday, from 1, at mine. (Colin, I'll mail you separately about pre-game chat)

Sorry for the radio silence - I've been busy with accountancy exams & Mads has been recovering from eye ops.

Good news is that now my exams are over (well, at least until the evening classes re-start in the autumn), I'm a bit more free to arrange between game meet-ups over the next few months to catch up with individual bits of plot, and to spend some time going through some of the practical admin, like character sheet overhauls.

Please let us know whether you're going to be coming or not, so we can Plot appropriately (I know Alex & Liz are unavailable, ditto Claire) - downtimes if you're so inclined to legacy.sts@gmail.com

Usual rules - bring your own drink & any snacks. If I'm organised I may attempt to cook something, since I for one need to eat more when gaming - do folks have any dietary limitations?


(Yell if you need the directions again - I figure I've put them up often enough that people know where they're going!)
Monday, May 12th, 2008
11:42 am
Briefing document for Albions Hearth.
[OOC – no this isn't being mailed in game, it is a purely verbal matter and in enclosed locales so don't have a hissy fit over the use of terms. I'll be typing it up as I drive so I have a set of cue cards for want of a better term when I get to chat to you lot.]

Okay guys and gals I'm tapping this out whilst trying not to crash on the great car park round London so don't get all pithy over spelling and grammar. Mainly because I really don't care and more importantly I'm sure as hell not going to proof read whilst dodging speed cameras. Anyway to get you all up to speed, you may want to consider the following actions and repercussions of the past 24 or so hours.

The all hallows eve went past with little in the way of further problems. Herne and his hunt came for tea and biscuits or similar, thankfully not too many cups got smashed. That said as sunset was turning up for a second time a Stag spirit came South with the news from the North. Alexander, our newest Taliesin had gone missing. All considered 2 days on the job and then awol ain't going to look great on the CV but as they say in corporate speak and similar nonsense “lets look outside the box and run something up the flagpole”, no I don't get it either unless of course it's a box with flags in. Anyhow, the Theurges did their best for the Stag spirit, I made some calls and confirmed the news wasn't just ours and all in all we waited for some guidance from the great and the good of the country.

Meanwhile, and there is a syntactic problem about to occur, mainly because I'm writing now and can't remember all the details. During the evening several of us got badgered by “portentious” moments. Personally considering how remarkably risible my moment was I'd prefer to describe it as piffle, however later and wiser heads came to the decision that they were indeed portentious and definitely a local issue from around 400 years past. That being the case and of course concern over Taliesin we dropped this for later as word reached us that a recon force was heading to the northernmost caern to look into our missing Alexander. Things get a bit confused here - certainly for me as I was trying to do several things all at the same time. Anyway myself and Shades got images from the North - via Weasel link which were not encouraging - shortly after confirmation that people had headed North to look into things. Shades and Asparagus boy headed towards Oxford whilst I awaited on the Beta's decision to let me leave the caern. This was given and the three of us arrived at the muster point in Oxford. News was sketchy and in some ways we had the most direct and accurate information to hand.

It appears, and this is after having put pieces together afterwards that a link was made between York and Glen Grineal, the recon mob went through and did a quick investigation. They returned and a decision was made to quest for Alexander via a dream gift. It would appear that shortly after the bridge opened a vast assault on Glen Grineal occurred. This was painfully and unfortunately coincidental with the dream questing which had dropped several packs into a deep slumber – no I really don't understand that bit, go ask a Theurge. The end result being that we mustered to York and briefed the Jarl/ Dux/ Warlord/ Braetwalda (take your pick of title) along with the other national luminaries. A decision was made and a second bridge to Glen Grineal not chosen as a form of response. Instead the new Don laid on a flying machine and people made journey North in such a beast. En route some bits and pieces got assembled and it was suggested that Spinning Jenny (she of the Birmingham caern infamy) may well be involved. Either way the end result was fairly predictable. A recon section which involved the likes of myself went ahead and prepared the way. The assault was confirmed as BSD and they were busy mutilating those left on the ground and the caern itself. What paltry sentries they had prepared were noted and past back via Ragabash methods. The assualt was led by the Jarl and none embarrassed themselves. Spinning Jenny and the rest were slaughtered barring one former Bonegnawer who was taken by Shades for later questioning. Those on overwatch followed as two BSD made a breakaway and tracked them back to Spinning Jenny's farmhouse, were several vehicles were parked up. The vehicles were immobilised using Ragabash methods. Whilst one BSD was licking his wounds the second went to make a phone call, it was not successful. Of the two one was put to the claw by the Denmaster of York the other subdued for later conversation with the Galliards and others.

The caern was closed down and evidence removed. Pack business was dealt with and all kinfolk located and removed safely Southwards. Details of these matters are less urgent.

Of note to Albions Hearth and not mentioned but of value for consideration.

The method for pulling a Thunder Wyrm through the Umbra without drawing any notice has been discerned I'll chat to any whom want to know on this one.

Albions Gate should be left the hell alone – others are intending on snap inspection and we are instructed to keep our muzzles out.

We have a 400 year old problem so someone with time should go over the Magna Farma stuff locally.

Our bigger problem (20/ 50 year cycles) is becoming more apparent – I get the feeling we are now seeing the first manifestations of something 20 years ago.

I am becoming more convinced that there is a traitor within the Nation of significant position/ skill – kindly keep quiet on this one, when I am sure I'll bellow scandal and rip someones throat if needs be. Wow, I think I need to lay off the red meat after reading that last sentence either that or my inner Ahroun is coming out.

Those with computer literacy and a penchant for abusing privacy I have several leads that need to be traced down fast – looking at Hannah at this moment in time

The Weasel spirit is not feeling great so if you aren't of the pack please let her be for a while.

Anyone who can talk to tree spirits once more I have some stuff which could be traced so that we can cover the angles.

Bucks the Trend is our latest Cliath addition to the caern, formerly known as Asparagus boy he was ritually anointed with green vegetables and accepted into the Nation.

The Pixie folk are very real and seem to be just one of our many problems.

Oh and get ready for a movement in the East I think a new front will be opened there in the near future.

Otherwise TTFN I've just seen my junction.
Wednesday, March 5th, 2008
7:23 am
March game, this Saturday!
As usual, we'll be running Legacy at my house (Westcombe Park) from 1pm.

Yell if you need directions, I've put them out here in the past so hopefully folks know where they're going :)

If we could start promptly, that would be great - one of my fellow Pisceans has a party in the evening, so I'd like to pootle over when we finish. The invite has kindly been extended to any of the other Legacy players who feel like coming along, I'd just rather not shove someone else's details up on a public post!

IC, it's going to be the end of October.
The Garou don't have a specific seasonal rite to mark Halloween/Samhain (they celebrate the equinoxes and solstices), but strange things do sometimes happen, so it's usually worth being alert.
It's also now approaching 6 months since he Albion's Hearth massacre/repopulation, since that was mid-May.
Wednesday, February 6th, 2008
4:51 pm
Game on!
Hi guys,

Legacy will be on this Saturday, sorry for not putting out an announcement sooner.

In terms of IC dates, we'll just be picking up where we left off in terms of downtime returns etc (as if we hadn't skipped a game), so if you already sent us something, there's no need to send a second one - but if you haven't yet done so & want to, please do so soon, since we'll be looking over them tomorrow/Friday.

As usual, the game will be held at my place from 1pm, let me know if you need directions. Mobile is 07950 357 566 if there are any problems.

I know Dave C won't be able to make it - if other folks could let us know whether they'll be there or not, it'll help us plan plot appropirately.

(Yes, I am still suffering toothache. However, both the antibiotics & the painkillers have strict no-alcohol directives, so even if I'm not better, I'll just be full of codeine instead of booze ;)
Thursday, January 10th, 2008
12:58 pm
LEGACY: January game cancelled
Hi guys, both Mads and I are dead (well, recovering from flu & signed off from work with utter exhaustion respectively), so no game this month. Back to normal 2nd Saturday of February (I think that's the 9th)

Pondering the /possibility/ of doing an informal boardgaming/geeking/beer session on Saturday afternoon instead, but shall see how I feel closer to the time before making that a definite plan. Watch this space if that's something you'd be interested in.
Monday, December 3rd, 2007
7:39 am
December Legacy game - PLEASE READ
Hi guys,

Legacy will be this Saturday (8th December), round at mine from 1pm as usual. We're having an ST meet this week rather than pre-game, so that should actually be a more realistic time for once ;)

As some of you may know, with the Oxford-London drive & her number of other commitments, Sarah's decided to step back from STing the game, so it's just Mads & I from now on - Sarah, thanks for all you've done, it's been great having you on board & we're sorry to lose you...maybe we'll be able to lure you back for occasional NPCing in the future? Sarah's given us a writeup of plots she was running, so we should be able to pick up from where she left off - but please feel free to drop us a summary of what you/your character thinks was going on in these if you like, since if there's any confusion I'd like to be sure it's down to a difference in IC perceptions, rather than continue to bug her with ST queries after this month!

Mads & I will be having an ST meet on Thursday night - so please make sure you have downtimes to us by Wednesday evening - that's to legacyDOTstsATgmailDOTcom . I /may/ be able to pick up late entries from work on Thursday, but I can't guarantee it. We're going to be doing an overhaul of character sheets & renown as part of that.

So, what we need from you in downtime is:

- What you've been trying to get up to since last game.
- A copy of your latest character sheet (if you've lost it, let us know)
- A quick summary of what you think are the particularly fabulous (and infamous) things you've been up to in the service of Gaia since you got to Albion's Hearth. If I remind you that Garou think in terms of Wisdom, Glory & Honour, that should give you a starting point to consider your actions. Ragabashes: alone of all the auspices, the previous renown you could have gained at lower ranks can be any combo of the above - so if it's not already on your sheet, can you have a think about how your character's pre-game actions would have been viewed, in those terms?

Lastly, a reminder of Mama Rat's message from last game (assuming that those at the hospital passed it on to everyone else?), for people to have a think about:

This is a warning
So heed it well
The dark mirror spawning
The city's death knell

The rat is poisoned
Its fleas are too
Don't open the gate
To lead them to you.

Unless anyone requests otherwise, the next game will be happening at the start of October IC - so that's about a fortnight after the previous game in terms of time for your downtime, will be a Waning Half (Philodox) moon, and be about a week after the autumn equinox - so Kara Sees-Beyond Mists will be leading the rite to renew the moonbridge over to Albion's Gate during downtime. As discussed at the time, she was probably going to have to call in another experienced theurge to help with the rite at Albion's Gate, since their ritemistress Puzzlegazer was only a cliath herself.
Friday, November 9th, 2007
9:54 am
Game announcement (ooops!)
Hi guys,

Yes, Legacy will be on tomorrow, over at mine. Sorry, I'm not only on month-end at the moment, but we've got the auditors in, which means additional ick.

Directions can be found on previous posts on here - again, if people aim to get to mine from 1ish (Sarah, Mads, any chance of you getting here a bit earlier so we can talk through gameplans?)

Sainsburys is closed at the moment for refurbishment, so if you plan to grab food/drink from a supermarket rather than from the corner shop, it's probably going to mean a rather longer walk to Asda!
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